Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

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Professional tooth whitening gives you a whiter, brighter smile that makes you feel beautiful and look younger.

EverSmile Dentistry uses the Opalescence tooth whitening system that does not harm teeth and removes years of discoloration from food and tobacco stains. We find it to be the best tooth whitening product available. Through an oxidation process using hydrogen peroxide, it simply removes stain from the outer layer of enamel. Opalescence is non-acidic and contains fluoride, which strengthens your teeth. We often caution patients about using over-the-counter whitening products, as they may be very acidic and can damage your teeth or cause tooth sensitivity.

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What causes tooth discoloration?

Your teeth can become discolored due to aging. They can also become stained by tobacco use, or the foods and drinks we ingest, such as coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and various foods.

Aging can darken your teeth, and teeth can be stained by tobacco use or coffee, tea, cola, red wine and various foods.

Bleaching, or whitening, unlike “whitening” toothpastes whose polishing agents only remove surface stains, actually bleach the enamel surface to offer a whiter, brighter appearance.

Custom-Fit Whitening Trays

The most effective tooth whitening is done with custom-made bleach holders made from molds of your teeth. On your first visit, we will take mold impressions of your upper and lower teeth. Then we’ll create a thin and flexible set of upper and lower tooth whitening gel carriers, sometimes called “trays” from those molds. On your second visit, we fit your carriers and provide you with the tooth whitening gel and detailed directions for whitening at home.

In general, initial tooth whitening takes about two weeks, then can be followed up with a periodic whitening touch-up. Most touch-ups are only required about every six months to maintain your bright new smile.

In some cases, patients may experience some sensitivity when using the bleaching solution. This is usually temporary and should lessen once treatment is completed. If you have concerns, please contact EverSmile Dentistry.