What is a Dental Emergency?

When you incur trauma to your teeth such as a broken or dislodged tooth, pain, bleeding or cuts to the gums or inside of the mouth, emergency dental services are available to provide immediate care. While we don’t plan for emergencies, most dentists can modify their schedules to see patients who are experiencing distress, even

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Why Fluoride is Important for Dental Health

Sometimes called “nature’s cavity fighter,” fluoride is an essential component of good dental health. Let’s look at why it works. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally, and is found in some of the foods and drinks we consume. It aids our dental health by coating the surface of the teeth (the enamel), making them

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Does Sugar Harm Teeth?

Your mother probably told you that eating too much sugar would give you cavities. However, it’s not the actual sugar that causes cavities, it’s what happens after you eat sugar. Your mouth is naturally filled with scores of bacteria both good and bad, and when you eat sugar, that sugar feeds the harmful bacteria, which

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