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Drinking Water Leads to Healthy Teeth

Drinking Water Leads to Healthy Teeth
Drinking Water Leads to Healthy Teeth
Dr. Choi, EverSmile Dentistry in Sterling, VA

We hear all the time that we should drink more water. But why would a dentist tell you that?
It turns out that drinking water is actually good for your teeth as well.

Our body composition is about 60% water, and water plays an important role in distributing healthy nutrients throughout our body, eliminating waste, and providing the hydration necessary for good muscle and skin care.

Here’s how water can help your dental health as well:

Water Cleans Your Mouth
Sodas, tea and alcoholic beverages generally contain sugar that can be left behind long after you finish your drink. And sugar is one of the favorite foods for the bacteria that live in your mouth, causing them to multiply and produce acid that can eat away at the enamel on your teeth. Many of these drinks are also acidic, containing citric, malic or phosphoric acids that can erode your teeth.

Water, on the other hand, cleans your mouth with every sip. It washes away food debris that can cause bacteria and dilutes the acids from foods or beverages.

Water Prevents Cavities
Sipping water throughout the day, especially if contains fluoride, can be a major factor in preventing tooth decay and cavities. Beginning in the 1940s, fluoride was added into our water supply with the goal of preventing dental caries. At first, the differences were outstanding, with an approximately 60% reduction in cavities in children in communities with fluoridated water. Nowadays, the statistics aren’t so dramatic, with the addition of fluoride into other products like toothpaste, dental rinses, and dietary supplements, but drinking water is still the most cost-effective way to help prevent dental decay.

Fluoride is a natural mineral sometimes called “nature’s cavity fighter.” Its use as fluoridation in everyday tap water is endorsed by the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association, and the Centers for Disease Control.

Water Helps with Dry Mouth
Your body naturally produces saliva that helps moisten foods as we eat and provide enzymes that aid in breaking down foods while still in the mouth. It can also provide the levels of calcium, fluoride and phosphate ions healthy teeth need to strengthen the enamel. Made up of about 99% water, saliva is naturally created while chewing as the muscles compress the salivary glands which in turn release the saliva.

Even when we’re not eating or drinking, however, your mouth should remain moist. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a condition in which your body does not produce enough saliva, and is often a side effect of stress, smoking, various medications, cancer therapy, aging, or simply dehydration. Dry mouth, sometimes called cottonmouth, can make it difficult to eat, swallow or talk.

Drinking water can add back essential fluids to the body and help alleviate symptoms of dry mouth throughout the day.

Water Can Alleviate Bad Breath
When we don’t have enough water in our system, our breath can become sour smelling. Drinking water can help moisten the mouth and help with the creation of saliva while at the same time washing away food particles and bacteria that lead to mouth odor and tooth decay.

Water Has No Calories
Drinking water helps you watch your waistline since it contains no sugar or calories. In fact, drinking water in lieu of other drinks can actually help you lose weight. And it’s completely natural.

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