Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

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In spite of all the advanced and cosmetic general dentistry options available, there are times when a tooth will need to be removed. If may be too badly decayed, or broken beyond repair. If the cost of trying to save the tooth, or the success rate of a procedure is low, we may recommend tooth extraction, either by EverSmile Dentistry or through recommendation to an oral surgeon.

Removing a tooth is performed with local anesthetic and relaxing gas (nitrous oxide) if the patient requests it, to make the process more comfortable. There is no pain during the tooth removal process; the patient will only feel pressure. Afterwards, detailed instructions are delivered to the patient, along with pain medication they can take if needed.

Options for tooth replacement will also be discussed. These can include a dental implant restoration, a cemented bridge or partial dentures.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth
One of the most common reasons for tooth removal is impacted wisdom teeth. Frequently a patient’s mouth does not offer enough room for a wisdom tooth to come into a usable space. It can cause discomfort, swelling, crowding of adjacent teeth, bone cysts and sometimes a pressure cavity on the root of the molar in front of it.

Addressing these potential problems before they occur is best, and often, all four of these third molar teeth are removed by an oral surgeon under general anesthesia. Patients are unaware during the procedure, are given pain medication, and usually have an uneventful recovery. Since wisdom teeth are not very usable anyway, we generally don’t miss them.

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