Root Canal Treatment

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Years ago, people were fearful when they heard the words “root canal.” Today, root canal treatment is painless and offers an excellent way to save a badly decayed natural tooth. Delaying treatment due to fear will only cause complications, as well as possible loss of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is easier than many other procedures in dentistry, and most of the time can be performed in our office within one or two visits using our top-of-the-line root canal equipment. It can save your tooth and your ability to chew food properly, as well as preserve your smile. In addition, the cost of a root canal and the ease of the procedure is less than having to replace a lost tooth or undergo other more advanced general dental treatment.

What is a root canal treatment?
Within each tooth is the pulp which provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth, running like a thread or tunnel through the root. When the pulp becomes diseased from a deep cavity, or is injured by trauma, the pulp tissue dies. If the pulp is not treated, the tooth becomes infected and may have to be removed.

Root canal treatment involves removing the pulp through the surface of the tooth. The root canal is then cleaned, sterilized, and sealed at the tip of the root to protect it. Then the tooth is normally built up and a porcelain crown is placed over the tooth to strengthen and protect it.

The procedure is normally pain-free. The tooth is anesthetized, and EverSmile Dentistry can offer relaxing gas (nitrous oxide) to help make patients more comfortable.

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