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Why You Need a Custom Sports Mouth Guard

Why You Need a Custom Sports Mouth Guard
Dr. Eddie Choi, EverSmile Dentistry in Sterling, Virginia

No matter what your age, playing sports can be dangerous—to your teeth. That’s why we recommend that anyone who plays sports invest in custom sports mouth guard.

Make of clear a clear (or colored) plastic polymer, a custom mouth guard is fitted exactly to your mouth for a snug and secure fit. And the cost is minimal—especially when you compare it to the cost of extensive dental work to repair a sports injury!

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends a sports mouth guard as part of your normal sports protection equipment. The same as your padding, helmet or shoes. Here’s what they have to report:

According to the ADA, more than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year, and the lifetime cost to repair one lost tooth is approximately $20,000. Startling. They also report that “athletes who play sports with a mouth guard are 60 times less likely to damage their teeth than those who play without one.”

The alternative to a custom-fitted sports mouth guard is a bulky and uncomfortable over-the-counter version that athletes don’t like to wear. These are formed from hard rubber and can easily be destroyed through regular chewing on them, and they can make it difficult to breathe.

A custom mouth guard is created from a mold taken of your teeth and easily snaps on off of your teeth. The fit is comfortable and snug; there is no danger of this mouth guard falling out during regular use. You hardly are aware of its presence. And cleaning is easy. It can be cleaned with regular soap and water, with a weekly deep cleaning in a mouthwash rinse.

Custom mouth guards are fitted to every mouth size, and to people of every age. They even work for those who have braces. You may pay a little more for a custom mouth guard than you would for an over-the-counter one, but it will last you longer and provide better protection and comfort overall. It is worth the investment.

Mouth Guards are for Every Sport

You may think a mouth guard is only for high-impact sports like football, hockey, boxing or lacrosse. But really, any sport, like tennis, baseball, racquetball, gymnastics, inline skating or even running provide the risk for dental injuries. Impacts from sporting equipment like racquets or balls, impacts from bodies, or falling injuries on your own can occur at any moment.

Typical Mouth Injuries

Dental injuries reported from sports-related causes can include:
• Knocked-out teeth
• Broken or chipped teeth
• Cracked teeth (not always visible)
• Crown and root fractures
• Tooth intrusion (tooth knocked back onto the jaw)
• Orofacial and soft-tissue injuries
• Gum, cheek and jaw injuries

How to Get a Customer Sports Mouth Guard

EverSmile Dentistry can create a custom sports mouth guard for you. We’ll simply take a mold, or impression, of your mouth. Then we’ll send that mold off to our custom lab who will create the mouth guard to fit your exact measurements. In a week or two, your mouth guard will be ready.

Generally mouth guards are created for the upper teeth only. They can, however, be created for the lower teeth or both sets of teeth. To use it, simply snap it into place. It will fit snugly against your teeth, and quickly you will forget it is even there.

To remove the custom mouth guard, use the fingers of both hands to gently pull down on both sides of the mouth guard simultaneously. This will prevent it from twisting as you remove it, and help it to last longer. It will snap away from the teeth easily.

Be sure to rinse your mouth guard, and wash it with soap and water after each use. Dry it thoroughly and store in it in its custom carrying case in a cool and dry area. To avoid damaging it, do not leave it in a hot car.

To get your custom sports mouth guard, contact EverSmile Dentistry. We’re located in Sterling, Virginia to serve families throughout Northern Virginia. Contact us today for your appointment.